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Style and functionality, a perfect combination. The very young Ninipà bag brand joins Mia16- Venezia to make one of the most popular accessories for women not only elegant but also versatile and comfortable. No compromises, but everything you need combined in the right way. The creations are made using high-end leathers mixed with patterns and colors, giving life to fun games of contrasts. The bags of the Ninipà and Mia16- Venezia collections are perfect for those who want beauty with added value. Charming, fresh, elegant.


IA16 was born in 2016 from the union of two forces, that of Nicoletta Milani and Patrizia Martini. The project was born from the intuition of exploiting Nicoletta's knowledge and experience, gained in the Milani family business, now a leader in Italy in the production of office chairs and sofas in leather and fabric. In fact, you thought you could use these materials, specifically leather, for the construction of quality bags, thus giving life to a product rigorously made in Italy. For the development of this idea, the inclusion and collaboration of Patrizia was crucial and, thanks to her precious support, made it possible to create a trendy women's collection, simple but with particular appeal. Currently MIA 16 is present with some stores in the main Italian cities of Venice and Rome, while abroad in the fashion poles: New York and London.


inipà was born a stone's throw from Venice by three personalities with a strong background in the world of high-end clothing and luxury accessories. The union of the initials of the names of the three founders create the name "Ninipà", a name with a warm, reassuring and pleasant sound but also particular and sophisticated. Ninipà items are distinguished by their strong personality and their quality.Each bag is designed to be comfortable, functional and at the same time refined. In each Ninipà model there are exclusive prints, from those inspired by the animal world to those depicting floral compositions through abstract concepts, colors and shapes. In addition to digital prints, Ninipà also presents pressings of various types and colors, personalization is in fact the creative heart of the brand. The main material of each accessory is high-end leather present in various types, colors and shades. Ninipà leathers are Italian as well as all their development and packaging. The hardware is designed to match any type of bag and accessory and most of them are logged with the brand name to make each product unique and of a high standard. In addition to its name, Ninipà is also recognizable by its logo, the stylized giraffe featured in almost all models which can be used as a keychain. The Ninipà giraffes are handcrafted with natural leathers with refined tones and precious metallics that match those present in the bag purchased.


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